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Factory Incentives Serving Cameron County, Texas
As of 09/26/2020
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2020 Jetta S 2020 Jetta SE A/T
2020 Volkswagen Jetta R-Line
  (expires: 09/30/2020)
Offer 2:
36 months AT 0.00%
48 months AT 0.00%
60 months AT 0.00%
66 months AT 0.00%
72 months AT 0.00%
75 months AT 0.50%

Offer 3:
36 months AT 1.90%
48 months AT 1.90%
60 months AT 1.90%
66 months AT 1.90%
72 months AT 1.90%
75 months AT 2.40%

Specials Available With This Program
8 More Specials Available. Contact dealer to see if you qualify.
Auto Show Bonus (Expires: 01/04/2021)
$500.00 Incentive.

Program Description: During the Program Period, as set forth above, VWoA will pay an Auto Show Bonus amount as outlined in Section 2 towards the lease or purchase of select new and unused Volkswagen models (the VWoA Bonus) as outlined below. The VWoA Bonus will only be provided to eligible recipients of the Auto Show Certificate. Auto Show Certificate recipients will have approximately 60 days to redeem for the purchase or lease of an eligible Volkswagen model.

Eligible Vehicles: New, unused, Volkswagen models as outlined within the program

a. This VWoA Bonus amount may be used in conjunction with other VWoA National programs (Lease/APR/Dealer Discount).
b. Volkswagen Fleet Incentive (VFI), VWoA Fleet Customers, Contractor Program, Friends & Family, Partner Program & Dealer Employee Purchase are excluded from this program and are not combinable.
c. Vehicles enrolled in the 2016, 2017, or 2018 VW Customer Mobility Program and sold as KOS 6 or KOS 9 are not eligible for this VWoA Bonus.
d. The unique certificate code must be obtained by the customer from an auto show event and presented to the dealership at the time of purchase.

Special College Grad Program (Expires: 01/04/2021)
$500.00 Incentive.

Special College Grad Program to customers within 6 months of graduation, or have graduated no more than 24 months prior to the date of credit application from one of the following:
- a two or four year accredited college
- an accredited Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's or Doctorate program
- an accredited Registered Nursing or Licensed Practical Nursing School.

Military and First Responders Program (Expires: 01/04/2021)
$500.00 Incentive.

Special Military and First responders Program to customers who meet one of the following criteria:
i) Active Duty U.S. Military (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, National Guard, Coast Guard and Active Reserve)
ii) U.S. Military Veterans
iii) U.S. Military Retirees
First Responders:
Police Officer, Sheriff, Sheriff Deputy, Correctional Officer, State Trooper, Federal Law Enforcement Officer, Firefighter, EMT, Paramedics

*MC - Denotes that Manufacturer Financing is required to receive Incentives.
Monthly Payment Per $1000 Financed utilizing rates above: Offer good Through 09/30/2020
36 Month 48 Month 60 Month 66 Month 72 Month 75 Month
0.00%: $27.78 0.00%: $20.83 0.00%: $16.67 0.00%: $15.15 0.00%: $13.89 0.50%: $13.55
Monthly Payment Per $1000 Financed utilizing rates above: Offer good Through 09/30/2020
36 Month 48 Month 60 Month 66 Month 72 Month 75 Month
1.90%: $28.60 1.90%: $21.65 1.90%: $17.48 1.90%: $15.97 1.90%: $14.71 2.40%: $14.37


Listed Incentives are available for registrations at the location shown above: Use "Change Location" for your area.Information Provided by Automotive Information Systems, Inc: Information is Reliable but not guaranteed. Finance Offers (APR) are available to qualified buyers subject to Credit Approval, not all buyers will qualify.

Contact Dealer for any program details, rules or incentive questions