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As of 08/18/2019
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2019 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport
  (expires: 09/03/2019)
Offer 2:
36 months AT 0.00%
48 months AT 0.00%
60 months AT 0.00%
72 months AT 2.90%
84 months AT 3.90%

Specials Available With This Program
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Loyalty Customer Rebate (Expires: 09/03/2019)
$250.00 Incentive.

Currently registered owners/lessees or an immediate family member (mother, father, sister, brother, husband, wife, son, daughter) living at the same address as the registered owner/lessee or domestic partner living at the
same address as the registered owner/lessee of a Mitsubishi distributed by MMNA, Saturn, Suzuki, Scion, or Isuzu vehicle (excludes motorcycles, commercial, agricultural, or vehicle(s) registered outside the USA) are eligible. Customers who experienced a total insurance loss on a currently registered vehicle in the last 60 days are also eligible.

Military Program (Expires: 09/03/2019)
$500.00 Incentive.

Active duty, active reserve, retired, veterans who are within 12 month of separation from the U.S. Military (Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, National Guard, and Coast Guard), or their spouses / surviving spouses are eligible for the rebate. Proof of U.S. Military status required. If the purchaser is the spouse of the U.S Military, proof of relationship (marriage certificate) required. Eligible Customer must be the purchaser or the lessee and must appear as the owner of the vehicle on RDR screen. Military Rebate may be combined with Loyalty Rebate and any finance source of their choice including cash purchase. Customer must be eligible under each program rule for rebates being claimed.

Ally/Mitsubishi Pull Ahead Program (Expires: 09/03/2019)
Program Details: Ally/MMNA will cover up to 3 remaining payments. Eligible Transactions: Eligible lessee must end his/her current lease, return the leased vehicle, and purchase or lease a New Mitsubishi vehicle out of dealer stock by April 30, 2020. The New Mitsubishi vehicle must be financed by Ally in order to qualify for the pull ahead offer. Offer is nontransferable.

Ally APR Customer Cash (Expires: 09/03/2019)
$1000.00 Incentive.

Category: Combo
Tier 1: 740+
Tier 2: 739-720
Tier 3: 719-700
Tier 4: 699-680
Tier 5: 679-660
Tier 6: 659-640
Tier 7: 639-620
Tier 8: 619-600
Tier 9: Less than 600
Dealer Participation: Yes
Terms: 1-36, 37-48, 49-60, 61-72, 73-84
Eligible Vehicle:
Eligible Vehicle: New and unused Mitsubishi vehicles
Eligible Customers:
Eligible Customers: Qualified customers financing through Ally Financial Services
Eligible Dealers:
Included Dealers: All authorized Mitsubishi Motors North America U.S. Dealerships of record in Northeast Region plus dealers in state of Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, and Clarksville Mits (16049)
Program Description:
Program Notes: Eligibility: Special (Subvented) rates do not apply to all vehicles. Special rate is not eligible in conjunction with the Mitsubishi Customer Cash Rebates or Dealer Delivery Bonus but may be eligible for other select incentive programs. APR Customer Rebate or Dealer APR Cash may apply on select models when using applicable Special APR Financing. Retailer is responsible for reviewing eligibility for different incentive programs. Please refer to your MMNA Incentive Program Rules and "Ineligible Vehicle" section of the MMNA Incentive Program Standard Rules. advertised offers are designated with an asterisk (*)and are not eligible for markup. All Ally transactions must conform to published Underwriting Policies & Procedures.
NOTE: Reference the Ally Underwriting Policies and Procedures and Standard Rate Sheets for additional information.
-Each applicant must demonstrate the ability and willingness to repay the transaction according to its terms
-Ally monitors its Dealers for compliance with various laws, including Fair Lending
-Dealers must never engage in unfair, deceptive or abusive acts and practices (UDAAP) during any aspect of the transaction
-Fair lending and UDAAP concerns could lead to termination of your Dealer Agreement with Ally

*MC - Denotes that Manufacturer Financing is required to receive Incentives.
Monthly Payment Per $1000 Financed utilizing rates above: Offer good Through 09/03/2019
36 Month 48 Month 60 Month 72 Month 84 Month
0.00%: $27.78 0.00%: $20.83 0.00%: $16.67 2.90%: $15.15 3.90%: $13.62


Listed Incentives are available for registrations at the location shown above: Use "Change Location" for your area.Information Provided by Automotive Information Systems, Inc: Information is Reliable but not guaranteed. Finance Offers (APR) are available to qualified buyers subject to Credit Approval, not all buyers will qualify.

Contact Dealer for any program details, rules or incentive questions