Factory Incentives Serving Randall County, Texas
As of 09/21/2019
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2019 Mazda CX-9
  (expires: 09/30/2019)
Offer 1: $2500 Mazda Cash1
Offer 2: $2500 Mazda Bonus2   *MC
36 months AT STD
48 months AT STD
60 months AT STD
72 months AT STD

Offer 3:
24 months AT 0.90%
36 months AT 0.90%
48 months AT 0.90%
60 months AT 0.90%
63 months AT 0.90%
72 months AT 2.90%

Specials Available With This Program
4 More Specials Available. Contact dealer to see if you qualify.
Driving School Association of America Graduate Program (Expires: 09/30/2019)
$500.00 Incentive.

Driving School Association of America (DSAA) Graduates may receive cash incentive towards purchase of select vehicles. Proof of graduation required. May be incompatible with certain other incentive offers and/or employee/plan pricing. Transferable within household.
See retailer for eligibility requirements.

Exclusive Mazda Loyalty Reward (Expires: 01/02/2020)
$750.00 Incentive.

Current Mazda owners may receive loyalty offer. Offer may require Mazda Capital Services financing/lease. Trade-in not required. Cannot be combined with conquest offers. Proof of Mazda ownership required.

Military Appreciation Incentive Program (Expires: 01/02/2020)
$500.00 Incentive.

Active service personnel/veterans of the armed forces (Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, National Guard, Coast Guard) and current reservists may receive special incentives on select vehicles. Proof of active service or discharge required. Family including spouse and children are eligible but must live at the same address. Transferable within household only.

Mazda Lease Pull-Ahead Program (Expires: 09/30/2019)
Current Mazda Capital Services (MCS) lessees may be eligible for credit towards early termination charges on existing lease contract when leasing a new vehicle through MCS. Some exclusions may apply.
See retailer to confirm eligibility. Vehicle must be grounded at inception of new lease contract.

APR Cash (Expires: 09/30/2019)
$500.00 Incentive.

Category: Manufacturer Cash
Eligible Vehicle:
Eligible Vehicle: All new and unused Mazda vehicles sold, delivered, and RDR (type R during the program period.
Ineligible Vehicle: Any model-year payoff vehicles. Fleet (F), Commercial (C), Dealer Service Loaner (L), Insurance, Buyback or Certified Pre-Owned vehicles.
Eligible Dealers:
Included Dealers: All GUR Markets
Program Description:
Program Notes: Mazda is pleased to announce the special Regional APR cash program in conjunction with Mazda Capital Services Special APR Finance Programs.
This program will auto pay upon RDR submission. Please see the Listings section on Mazdax2019s MXConnect - Marketing and Incentives/Vehicle Incentive System for full program information.
Mazda reserves the right to inspect all dealership records during normal business hours and to disqualify any sale not made or reported in accordance with these program rules and MNAO Sales Policy. Mazda also reserves the right to charge the dealer for any and all of Mazda's costs and employee expenses of auditing if Mazda's inspection reveals incorrect reporting or any failure by the dealer to follow these program rules. Mazda may decide any question of eligibility or any other matter relating to the interpretation, scope, or application of this program or any rule hereof, at its sole discretion, and such decision shall be final and binding upon all dealers. Mazda also reserves the right to cancel, amend or revoke the program at any time upon written notice. Refer any questions regarding this program and E & S Plans to your District Manager or Regional office
Certain restrictions may apply based on DMV Registration ZIP Code.
Contact your District Sales Manager or Mazda Program Headquarters at 248-848-7300 with questions

*MC - Denotes that Manufacturer Financing is required to receive Incentives.

(1) Total Cash of $2500 Includes:
      $500.00 Customer Cash. Offer good through 09/30/2019
      $2000.00 Customer Cash. Offer good through 09/30/2019

(2) Total Cash of $2500 Includes:
      $500.00 Customer Cash. Offer good through 09/30/2019
      $2000.00 Customer Cash. Offer good through 09/30/2019

Monthly Payment Per $1000 Financed utilizing rates above: Offer good Through 09/30/2019
24 Month 36 Month 48 Month 60 Month 63 Month 72 Month
0.90%: $42.06 0.90%: $28.16 0.90%: $21.22 0.90%: $17.05 0.90%: $16.26 2.90%: $15.15


Listed Incentives are available for registrations at the location shown above: Use "Change Location" for your area.Information Provided by Automotive Information Systems, Inc: Information is Reliable but not guaranteed. Finance Offers (APR) are available to qualified buyers subject to Credit Approval, not all buyers will qualify.

Contact Dealer for any program details, rules or incentive questions